How To Take A Slate Pool Table Apart

How To Take A Slate Pool Table Apart: Expert Guide

To take a slate pool table apart, you must carefully remove the bolts, loosen rail bolts, remove staples from cloth, separate the slates, and remove leg brackets. It is a long, tedious task that requires at least two to three hours to complete and must be done with someone’s help.

Disassembling a slate pool table requires a lot of effort and care to avoid damaging its intricate pieces. Taking it apart requires removing bolts, rail bolts, and staples from the cloth before separating the slates and removing leg brackets. It is a time-consuming process that can take up to three hours and should not be done alone.

We will discuss how to take apart a slate pool table and move it safely to prevent damage. We will also provide tips on disassembling and reassembling a pool table and determining if a pool table is slate without taking it apart.

Understanding Slate Pool Tables

A slate pool table is a premium choice for enthusiasts due to its durability and superior playing surface. The slate used in these tables is known for its smoothness and ability to maintain a flat playing field, offering a professional gaming experience.

What Makes A Slate Pool Table?

  • Slate: The key component, providing a sturdy and level playing surface.
  • Wooden Frame: Supports the slate and adds structural integrity.
  • Felt Cloth: Covers the slate for smooth ball movement.

Importance Of Taking Apart

  1. Moving: Easier transportation and prevents damage.
  2. Cleaning: Allows thorough maintenance of each component.
  3. Repair: Access to all parts for necessary fixes or upgrades.

Can you disassemble a slate pool table? Yes, it is possible to disassemble a slate pool table for various reasons like moving, cleaning, or repairs. Before lifting the slate, ensure to remove the screws using a drill with a screwdriver bit.

What’s the easiest way to move a slate pool table? To move a slate pool table efficiently, disassemble it carefully, remove the felt, unscrew the slates, detach the legs, and label each part for easy reassembly.

How long does it take t… The time required to disassemble a slate pool table varies based on experience and tools available. On average, it can take a couple of hours to complete the process successfully.

How to Take a Slate Pool Table Apart: Expert Guide


Preparing For Disassembly

Taking apart a slate pool table requires careful preparation to ensure the process goes smoothly. Before you start disassembling, it’s crucial to gather the necessary tools and understand the table components.

Gathering Necessary Tools

  • Drill: To remove screws from the table.
  • Staple puller: Essential for removing staples from the felt.
  • Screwdriver: To handle various screws and bolts.
  • Socket wrench: Required for loosening rail bolts.
  • Staple remover: To detach the felt from the slate.
  • Protective gloves: For safety while handling heavy components.

Understanding Table Components

Before disassembling the slate pool table, it’s important to familiarize yourself with its various components. These may include:

Components Description
Slate The heavy, flat playing surface of the pool table.
Rails The wooden or metal edges surrounding the playing surface.
Felt The fabric covering the slate, providing a smooth playing surface.
Pockets The receptacles where the balls are collected after sinking.
Legs The support structure for the table, often detachable.


Disassembling The Pool Table

To disassemble a slate pool table, start by removing the bolts and staples from the cloth. Carefully separate the slates and unscrew them, then detach the leg brackets. It’s a meticulous process that requires time and assistance for a smooth disassembly.

Removing Felt And Pockets

First, remove the felt covering the slate. Use a staple puller to carefully lift the felt from the edges of the slate. Gently peel the felt away, ensuring it remains intact. Once the felt is removed, unfasten the pockets from the rails. Use a screwdriver to detach the screws that secure the pockets in place.

Unfastening Slate Screws

Begin by removing the slate screws. Using a drill with a screwdriver bit, unscrew each screw holding the slate in place. Typically, there is one screw in each corner, but there may be additional screws along the center of the slate. Carefully extract each screw to release the slate from the table frame.

Separating The Slate Pieces

To separate the slate pieces of a pool table, begin by carefully removing the screws holding them in place using a drill with a screwdriver bit. Ensure to locate and unscrew each screw, typically found in the corners and possibly down the center, before lifting the slate for disassembly.

Loosening Rail Bolts

To begin the process of separating the slate pieces of a pool table, start by loosening the rail bolts using a suitable tool such as a wrench or screwdriver.

Careful Handling Of Slate

When handling the slate pieces, it is crucial to exercise caution to prevent any damage. Ensure that the slate is lifted and moved carefully to avoid any cracks or chips.

Moving And Reassembling

Learn how to take apart a slate pool table for moving and reassembling with the help of online tutorials and guides. The process involves removing the bolts, rail bolts, staples from the cloth, separating the slates, removing sheet metal screws, and leg brackets.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions to prevent damage to the table.

Transporting Slate Safely

To transport a slate pool table safely, you need to start by disassembling the table. Begin by removing the pockets, rails, and felt carefully to access the slate. Ensure all screws and staples are removed to prevent damage during transportation. Once the slate is accessible, carefully lift it and place it on a secure and padded surface to prevent any cracks or chips.

Reattaching Table Components

When reassembling the slate pool table, start by attaching the legs securely to the frame. Next, carefully position the slate and align it with the table frame. Use a level to ensure the slate is perfectly flat. Once the slate is in place, reattach the rails, pockets, and felt. Ensure all screws and staples are secured tightly to prevent any movement or shifting during gameplay.

Tips For A Successful Disassembly

When taking apart a slate pool table, it’s important to do so with care and precision to avoid any damage to the table. Below are essential tips for a successful disassembly of a slate pool table.

Working With Assistance

Disassembling a slate pool table is a labor-intensive task that often requires the help of others. Working with assistance can make the process smoother and reduce the risk of injury. Assign specific tasks to each person, such as removing the rails, unscrewing the slates, or carrying heavy components.

Avoiding Damage To Slate

Avoiding damage to slate is crucial during disassembly. Ensure that the slates are carefully lifted, avoiding any sudden movements or impacts that could cause cracks or chips. Use proper tools and techniques to protect the integrity of the slate pieces throughout the disassembly process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Disassemble A Slate Pool Table?

Yes, you can disassemble a slate pool table. First, remove the screws holding the slate in place using a drill with a screwdriver bit. Generally, there is one screw in each corner of the slate. It is recommended to allow at least two to three hours for this task and to have someone to help you.

What’s The Easiest Way To Move A Slate Pool Table?

To move a slate pool table, disassemble it by removing bolts, staples, and slates carefully. Seek professional help for safe relocation.

How Long Does It Take To Disassemble A Pool Table?

Disassembling a pool table typically takes around 2 to 3 hours due to its size and intricate parts.

How To Tell If A Pool Table Is Slate Without Taking It Apart?

To check if a pool table is slate, look for seams or joints between the table’s sections. Tap the surface with a hard object; a slate table will produce a solid, heavy sound. Additionally, inspect the table’s underside for slate markings or labels.

How Do You Start Disassembling A Slate Pool Table?

To begin, remove the staples and screws securing the felt and slate pieces using the appropriate tools.

What Tools Are Needed To Disassemble A Slate Pool Table?

You will require a staple puller, screwdriver, drill with a screwdriver bit, and possibly a socket wrench for disassembly.


In a nutshell, dismantling a slate pool table requires careful steps to prevent damage. Remember to remove screws and bolts patiently to avoid any mishaps. Taking your time and following the proper procedures will ensure a successful disassembly process. Happy gaming!