How To Dismantle A Slate Pool Table

How To Dismantle A Slate Pool Table: Expert Guide

To dismantle a slate pool table, start by removing the pockets and rail bolts. Then, carefully detach the felt and slates.

Dismantling a slate pool table may seem daunting, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be done efficiently. Whether you’re moving to a new location or renovating your space, understanding the dismantling process is crucial. From removing the pockets and rail bolts to detaching the felt and slates, each step requires precision and care.

This guide will provide you with the necessary steps and tips to effectively dismantle a slate pool table, ensuring a smooth and successful process. By following these instructions, you can dismantle the table with confidence, preparing it for transportation or storage.

Tools Needed

When dismantling a slate pool table, having the right tools is crucial for a smooth process. Here are the essential tools you will need:

Essential Tools For Dismantling

Tool Usage
Staple Puller To remove staples holding the cloth in place.
Flathead Screwdriver For various tasks like removing screws and staples.
Needle Nose Pliers To assist in delicate staple removal.
Socket Wrench For loosening and removing bolts.

Tips For Using Each Tool

  • Staple Puller: Insert under staples and apply leverage to remove them efficiently.
  • Flathead Screwdriver: Use to carefully remove screws without damaging the table.
  • Needle Nose Pliers: Grip staples firmly and extract them from the cloth or wood.
  • Socket Wrench: Ensure the right socket size and securely fit it onto bolt heads for effective removal.
How to Dismantle a Slate Pool Table  : Expert Guide


Removing The Playing Surface

To dismantle a slate pool table, begin by removing the bolts and staples from the playing surface. Loosen rail bolts, detach pockets, and carefully separate the slates to disassemble the table. Use proper tools to remove felt and corner castings before tackling slate screws and leg brackets.

Removing the Playing Surface

Unbolting the Rails

To start dismantling a slate pool table, the first step is to unbolt the rails. Using a wrench, carefully remove the bolts that hold the rails in place. Take note of the placement of each bolt as you will need to reassemble the table later.

Detaching the Felt and Staples

Next, it’s time to detach the felt and staples from the playing surface. If the felt is glued on, gently pull it off, starting at one corner and working backward. If the felt is stapled on, use a flathead screwdriver or needle nose pliers to remove the staples, ensuring the felt is released from the slate without causing damage.

Separating the Slates

The final step in removing the playing surface is separating the slates. Carefully remove any sheet metal screws holding the slates together. Once the screws are removed, carefully lift and separate each slate from the table frame, taking care not to damage the edges or corners.

By following these steps, you can effectively dismantle the playing surface of a slate pool table, preparing it for relocation or storage.

When dismantling a slate pool table, it’s essential to handle the slates with care, as they are heavy and prone to breakage if mishandled. Additionally, ensuring the bolts, staples, and screws are kept organized and labeled will facilitate the reassembly process.

Dismantling The Frame

Dismantling the frame of a slate pool table is a crucial step in the process of disassembling the entire structure. It requires careful attention to detail and a methodical approach to ensure that each component is removed safely and efficiently. In this section, we will cover the necessary steps for dismantling the frame, including removing corner castings, taking apart leg brackets, and handling sheet metal screws.

Removing Corner Castings

When dismantling a slate pool table, the first step in disassembling the frame is to remove the corner castings. Use a screwdriver or a suitable tool to carefully unscrew and detach the corner castings from the frame. Ensure that the screws are safely stored for reassembly.

Taking Apart Leg Brackets

Next, focus on taking apart the leg brackets. Use the appropriate tools to detach the leg brackets from the frame of the pool table. Keep track of the screws and hardware to avoid misplacement.

Handling Sheetmetal Screws

Lastly, pay attention to the sheet metal screws. Carefully remove the sheet metal screws from the frame using the correct tools. Keep the screws organized and labeled for easy reassembly.

Moving The Pool Table

Before dismantling the slate pool table for transport, it is essential to prepare for the process, stack and secure the parts properly, and then reassemble it at the new location. Following these steps meticulously ensures a smooth relocation without any damage to the table.

Preparing For Transport

  • Clear the surrounding area to create space for dismantling.
  • Gather necessary tools such as screwdrivers, staple pullers, and pliers.
  • Label and organize the parts for easy reassembly.

Stacking And Securing Parts

When dismantling the pool table:

  1. Remove the bolts and rails carefully.
  2. Use a staple puller to detach the cloth and remove staples.
  3. Separate the slates by loosening screws and leg brackets.
  4. Stack the parts securely to prevent damage during transport.

Reassembling At New Location

After moving the pool table:

Step Instructions
1 Place the slates back in position and secure them with screws.
2 Attach the rails and pockets following the labeled parts.
3 Ensure the table is level and adjust the legs if necessary.


Safety Precautions

To safely dismantle a slate pool table, start by removing the bolts and loosening the rail bolts. Next, carefully remove the staples from the cloth and separate the slates, being mindful that they are brittle. Finally, remove the sheet metal screws and leg brackets before concluding the process.

Avoiding Damage To Slate

Handle the slate pieces with care to prevent cracks or chips.

Avoid dropping or hitting the slate against hard surfaces.

Lifting Techniques To Prevent Injury

Use proper lifting techniques to avoid straining your back or muscles.

Enlist the help of others to safely lift and carry the heavy slate components.

Protecting Components During Transport

Wrap the slate pieces in protective padding to prevent scratches or damage.

Securely fasten the components during transportation to avoid shifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Take Apart A Slate Pool Table?

Yes, you can take apart a slate pool table by removing the pockets, rail bolts, and staples. Carefully detach the felt by pulling it off or removing staples. Finally, separate the slates by unscrewing them and removing the leg brackets.

How To Move A Slate Pool Table?

To move a slate pool table, start by removing the pockets, rail bolts, and staples from the cloth. Then, carefully separate the slates and remove any screws or leg brackets. Ensure to handle the slate with caution as it is brittle.

Finally, stack the rails and attach the legs before transporting.

Can You Repurpose Slate From A Pool Table?

Yes, you can repurpose slate from a pool table into a sturdy workbench top. Its weight ensures stability for sawing and planning, and its flat surface is ideal for projects requiring a level surface. Slate is durable and can withstand pressure, making it suitable for various workshop activities.

Is Pool Table Slate Easy To Break?

Pool table slate is not easy to break, but it is brittle and can be damaged with forceful impact.

How Do I Dismantle A Slate Pool Table?

To dismantle a slate pool table, you need to remove the pockets, rails, staples, and screws before separating the slates.

What Tools Do I Need To Dismantle A Slate Pool Table?

You will need a staple puller, flathead screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and a socket wrench to remove the bolts holding the rails in place.


In dismantling a slate pool table, it is crucial to carefully follow the steps outlined. This process ensures that the components are removed without causing damage. By adhering to the recommended procedures, you can effectively disassemble a slate pool table and prepare it for relocation or storage.

Remember to handle the slate with caution, as it is brittle and prone to breakage.