How To Cut Slate Stone

How To Cut Slate Stone: Expert Techniques

To cut slate stone, opt for a multi-purpose diamond blade as it is the best tool for the job. Secure the slate tile to a workbench using a clamp to prevent any movement while cutting.

Use a proper diamond blade designed for soft stones like slate in your circular saw or rent a masonry or tile saw with the appropriate blade. Mark the slate with a line to cut across and use a chisel and hammer, handheld slate cutters, or a power saw to make the cut.

With the right tools and careful technique, you can achieve straight and precise cuts in slate stone.

Handheld Methods

When it comes to cutting slate stone, there are various methods that can be used. In this article, we will be focusing on the handheld methods, which are more accessible and require minimal equipment. These methods include using a handheld slate cutter and using the chisel and hammer method.

Using Handheld Slate Cutter

The handheld slate cutter is a simple and efficient tool for cutting slate stone. With its sharp cutting edge, it allows you to make precise cuts with ease. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a handheld slate cutter:

  1. Begin by clamping the slate stone securely onto your workbench. This will prevent any movement during the cutting process.
  2. Measure and mark the area where you want to make the cut, ensuring accuracy.
  3. Hold the handheld slate cutter firmly in your hand.
  4. Position the cutter blade on the marked line of the slate.
  5. Apply pressure and slowly move the handheld slate cutter along the marked line, allowing the blade to cut through the slate stone.
  6. Continue this process until you have completed the desired cuts.

Remember to wear protective eyewear and gloves while using the handheld slate cutter to ensure safety.

Using Chisel And Hammer Method

If you don’t have access to a handheld slate cutter, the chisel and hammer method can be a great alternative. Here’s how you can cut slate stone using this method:

  1. Begin by marking the area you want to cut on the slate stone using a marker or chalk.
  2. Place the slate stone on a stable surface, such as a workbench or sturdy table.
  3. Hold the chisel firmly in your hand.
  4. Position the chisel on the marked line of the slate.
  5. Use the hammer to strike the chisel gently, creating a groove along the marked line.
  6. Continue striking the chisel along the groove, gradually deepening the cut.
  7. Repeat this process until you have cut through the slate stone.

Remember to take your time and apply consistent pressure while using the chisel and hammer method to ensure clean and accurate cuts.

How to Cut Slate Stone: Expert Techniques


Power Tools

Cutting slate stone can be efficiently done with the right power tools. Power tools such as angle grinders and circular saws are commonly used for cutting slate stone due to their precision and effectiveness. Let’s explore how to cut slate stone using these power tools.

Cutting Slate With Angle Grinder

An angle grinder equipped with a diamond blade is a versatile tool for cutting slate stone. Secure the slate tile firmly before cutting to ensure accuracy in the cuts. Always wear appropriate safety gear when using an angle grinder to prevent accidents.

Cutting Slate With Circular Saw

Using a circular saw with the correct diamond blade is another effective method for cutting slate stone. The circular saw provides a smooth and precise cut when handled correctly. Remember to follow safety precautions while operating a circular saw.

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Special Techniques

Achieve precise cuts when working with slate stones by using specialized techniques. Utilize handheld slate cutters or a diamond blade circular saw for straight and accurate lines. Secure the slate tile firmly while cutting to ensure clean and professional results.

Cutting Thick Slate Stones

When it comes to cutting thick slate stones, there are a few special techniques you can use to ensure a clean and precise cut. One of the best tools to use for this task is a circular saw with a diamond blade specifically designed for cutting soft stones like slate.

To start, secure your slate tile onto a workbench using a clamp. This will help restrict any movement and ensure a steady cut. It’s important to take your time and make slow, controlled movements with the saw to avoid any accidental damage to the slate.

Another technique you can use when cutting thick slate stones is marking the desired cut line on the slate using a pencil or chalk. This will act as a guide for your saw, allowing you to make a straight and precise cut.

Ensure that you have a good grip on the saw and always wear appropriate safety gear, such as safety goggles and gloves, to protect yourself from any potential injuries.

Cutting Slate To An Angle

Cutting slate to an angle may be needed in various projects, such as creating decorative edges or fitting slate into corners. To achieve this, there are a few techniques you can use.

One option is using a handheld slate cutter. This tool allows you to easily cut the slate at any angle desired. Simply adjust the cutter to the desired angle, place the slate in the cutter, and apply steady pressure to make the cut.

If you prefer using a power tool, an angle grinder with a diamond blade can also be used to cut slate to an angle. Remember to secure the slate in place using a clamp before making the cut. Take your time and make slow, controlled movements to ensure an accurate angle cut.

Whether you choose to use a handheld slate cutter or an angle grinder, always prioritize safety. Wear protective gear and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents or injuries while working with these tools.

In conclusion, cutting slate stone requires special techniques, especially when dealing with thick stones or cutting at an angle. By following the right steps and using the appropriate tools, you can achieve clean, precise cuts in your slate stone projects.

Finishing And Edges

Cutting slate stone is just the beginning of the process. Once the stone is cut to the desired size and shape, the finishing and edges need to be considered. How slate is finished and the edges are treated can greatly impact the final look and functionality of the stone.

Dry Cut Vs. Natural Ribbon Edge

When it comes to finishing slate stone, there are two main methods: dry cut and natural ribbon edge. The choice between these two methods depends on the desired appearance and the intended use of the slate.

Securing Slate For Precision

Before finishing the edges, it’s crucial to secure the slate for precision. Any movement during the finishing process can result in uneven or flawed edges. Securing the slate using clamps or a workbench ensures that the stone remains stable and allows for accurate finishing.

When cutting slate stone, the finishing and edges play a significant role in the overall outcome. Whether opting for a dry cut or natural ribbon edge, securing the slate ensures precise results.

Breaking Techniques

Breaking slate into smaller pieces for various projects requires different techniques. Below are methods for manually splitting slate by hand and breaking slate for mosaics.

Splitting Slate By Hand

When it comes to splitting slate by hand, it’s important to start by marking the slate to create cutting lines. Then, using a chisel and hammer, handheld slate cutters, or a power saw, the slate can be cut along the marked lines. By employing the correct tools and a steady hand, straight and precise lines can be achieved.

Breaking Slate For Mosaics

For creating mosaics, breaking slate into small, irregular shapes can add visual interest. This can be achieved by using a malco natural slate turbo chisel or a multi-purpose diamond blade in combination with proper securing techniques. By employing these tools and methods, intricate pieces for mosaics can be easily obtained from larger slate pieces.

How to Cut Slate Stone: Expert Techniques


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Cut Slate Stone

What Is The Best Tool To Cut Slate?

The best tool to cut slate is a multi-purpose diamond blade. Secure the slate tile with a clamp for stability.

What Kind Of Saw Blade To Cut Slate?

For cutting slate, use a multi-purpose diamond blade in a circular saw. Make sure to secure the slate tile with a clamp to prevent movement. You can also use a chisel, hammer, or handheld slate cutters. Practice and patience will help you cut straight and precise lines.

Can You Cut Slate With A Grinder?

Yes, you can cut slate with a grinder using a multi-purpose diamond blade and securely securing the slate tile.

How Do You Split A Piece Of Slate?

To split a piece of slate, mark a cutting line, then use a chisel and hammer, handheld slate cutters, or a power saw to make the cut. A circular saw with the appropriate blade is a common and effective tool for cutting slate.

Practice and the right tools make straight, precise cuts possible.

How Can I Cut Slate Tiles Easily?

Use a circular saw with a proper blade and technique for precise cuts.

What Tool Is Best For Cutting Slate?

Opt for a multi-purpose diamond blade for the best cutting option.


Cutting slate stone can be a challenging task, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be done with precision and accuracy. Opting for a multi-purpose diamond blade in a circular saw is the best option for cutting slate.

Taking the time to mark the slate and using chisels, handheld slate cutters, or a power saw will result in straight and precise lines. By following these steps, you can successfully cut slate stone for your desired project.