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News 1.4.19

Editorial: ‘Clean Slate’ is a good way to start 2019

Under Pennsylvania’s clean slate law, hundreds of thousands of residents will have their criminal records sealed, helping them get the second chance that they deserve. Starting the new year with commonsense reform, Gov. Tom Wolf and a bipartisan coalition of legislators are making the essential choice to “hold [people] to account for what they have done right.”

News 1.2.19

Gov. Wolf announces ‘My Clean Slate’ program

After Pennsylvania became the first state in the nation to pass clean slate legislation, Gov. Tom Wolf launched a new program to help residents determine whether they are eligible to have their criminal record sealed under the law. The program, called My Clean Slate, will offer free legal advice to help Pennsylvanians understand how they can benefit from the reform. Learn more about how automatic record-sealing works—and why it’s important for individuals, families, communities, and the economy.

News 1.2.19

Governor Wolf: ‘My Clean Slate’ Program Introduced to Help Navigate New Law

As implementation of Pennsylvania’s Clean Slate Act continues, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) announced the launch of My Clean Slate, a program that will help Pennsylvanians determine whether they are eligible to have their records cleared under the state’s new clean slate law. With support from Community Legal Services and the Pennsylvania Bar Association, My Clean Slate will offer free legal consultations to ensure that all eligible residents are able benefit from the state’s groundbreaking reform. The first-in-the-nation law will help hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians with records get the second chance they’ve earned.

Media 12.14.18

America’s Criminal Justice System Is Failing Young People Like Me. Clean Slate Laws Are the Answer

Peter Rezk knows firsthand how the U.S. criminal justice system is failing young people of color like him. Each year, around 200,000 young people—many of whom are people of color—are caught up in the criminal justice system and arrested for minor offenses that could follow them for life. Clean slate legislation has the potential to change this system by ensuring that a criminal record is no longer a life sentence to poverty and joblessness.

Research 12.3.18

A State Agenda for America’s Workers: 18 Ways to Promote Good Jobs in the States

The Economic Policy Institute, National Employment Law Project, and Economic Analysis and Research Network recently published a blueprint of policies, promoting good jobs, good pay, and safe workplaces, for states to take up in the upcoming legislative cycle. The agenda includes the recommendation to advance clean slate legislation, which uses technology to automatically clear criminal records for people with certain nonviolent offenses. Even a minor criminal record can create a barrier to opportunity, but clean slate legislation offers states a solution.